Precious Metals Trading Specialists: Blackstar International Holdings Ltd

Polished Diamonds

We can supply a wide range of polished diamonds, processed by us in our workshop. From two types of sawable and two types of makeable diamonds to flats, we offer a variety of stones for every need. Whether you’re purchasing as jewellery to wear or as an investment, we guarantee quality.

Rough Diamonds

Blackstar International Holdings Ltd specialise in the purchase of all types of rough diamonds including sawable/workable, white gem and quality colours such as pinks, blues and reds. If you’re interested in selling to us, then don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Gold Doré

We personally select gold for refinement onsite. It’s brought to our refinery and melted by our experienced and professional team. Gold can be melted into doré bars, non-hallmarked or refined to 999.5.

Refined Gold

We offer bullion bars of 1kgs/5kgs/12.5kgs and smaller bars such as 100grams-500grams and coins. All are supplied to order all VAT free, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today to place your order.

Jewellery Manufacturers

We have a fully operational jewellery workshop, where we undertake repairs of all types of general jewellery and mass production of jewellery across the board. Our manufacturing service sees previous metals and stones from the mine to the showroom, so quality and provenance is guaranteed.

Other precious metals and stones

We are always open to dealing in every kind of precious metal or stone, so if you have a piece you’re interested in selling, or would like us to source a particular item for you, using our extensive network of suppliers, contact our team and we’ll be happy to help.

Oil & Gas

We don’t stop at precious metals and stones. Our history is rooted deep in Africa and the oil trade is a key part of our exploration and sourcing efforts. We can source Bonny Light crude oil, JET 1 Aviation JP54 Fuel D2 and D6.

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