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At Blackstar International Holdings Ltd, we trade in diamonds and precious metals. With years of experience in the business, we can offer you the finest pieces sourced directly from mines across Africa. With his intimate knowledge of the industry and vast number of commercial, financial and mining resources, founder William Steventon has spent 15 years visiting Africa and working along side investors acting as consultant, negotiator and a trusted advisor to those ready to trade in gold, diamonds and oil. William is always ready to speak to investors in confidence, so why not call William today for a bespoke service you can trust.

Noirstar-Industries-Private ltd company number 214873 formed Sept 2nd 2019

Zimbabwe,s Mineral Potential: The Great Dyke & Karoo Basins, Zimbabwe has the second-largest Platinum Deposits in the world outside South Africa. There is over 4000+ recorded gold deposits the country remain unexplored south of the country Limpopo Belts and the northwestern region of Zimbabwe Craton. only China Australia South Africa Canada Ghana have more Gold, Diamonds River Ranche in Beitbridge Marange, Midlands Province of Zvishavane, Diamond Mining at Murowa 160+ known Kimberlites. Coal, Methane Gas, Natural Gas, Oil, Uranium, Chrome, Nickel, Copper, Iron Ore, Tantalite, Lithium, Pegmatite Minerals, Graphite, Dimension Stones.
We are now at a very advanced stage of Negotiations JV with almost 99% of projects approved. Mining, Exploration, Refining, Polishing cutting Factory. plus other projects to create wealth jobs security. l have passed POF Due Diligence & compliance

Mining and exploration

William Steventon is a goldsmith, refiner and jeweller who spent 35 years in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Since 1972 he has been running the UK’s top jewellery workshop, servicing over 3,000 jewellery shops and serving trade. The workshop manufactures 100,000 diamond rings a month, provides alterations for the general public and in the retail sector across the UK, and employs 50 goldsmiths.


In 2005, William went to Africa, visiting many countries including Ghana and West Africa to buy gold and diamonds from the mines onsite. He invested in small scale operations – also sourcing investment in mining and refining – across the continent. Now, William has been supplying Bullion from Chinese and Dubai partners for over five years and has also been procuring rough diamonds everywhere from Sierra Leonne to South Africa.

How we work

We work with:
Government Mining Depts | Major Mining Houses | Investors
Corporate enquiries are welcome. No brokers mandates, facilitators, consultants or agents. Full banking compliance is adhered to and anti-money laundering checks are made on all clients with international intelligence agencies. Full documentation must be supplied.

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