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Holdings Ltd

Buyers of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Gold Bullion & Rough Diamonds

4Cs = Cut-Clarity-Colour-Carat

Commercial White Diamonds with Small inclusions to near perfect stones -Colourless to Blues, Pinks, Reds, GIA certification all grades to order.
Blackstar International Holdings Ltd trade in gold doré, precious metals and stones. With years of experience in dealing with gold and diamonds sourced from Africa, we have built a strong portfolio of investors who come to us for our knowledge, quality service and premium products.  Pioneering the company forward is founder William Steventon. He personally sees to all trade deals and negotiations on site. With over 15 years in Africa, his resources reach far and wide and his knowledge of mining exploration in Africa is unsurpassed. Call William today to get the best advice in the oil, diamond and gold trade.
Buyers and Investors Welcome!!!
Buyers investors in strictest confidence >strictly via Banking Compliance please contact William to discuss your requirements for safe, secure, legal business.0044-07527539062

Polished Diamonds

Gold Dore

Jewelry Manufacturers

Mining and exploration

We have worked hard to create an extensive network of contacts and partners in the gold and precious stone mining and exploration industries of Africa. This enables us to have first access to the very best pieces, ensuring we only deal with products of the highest quality.

Expanding opportunities

We are now expanding our portfolio in South Africa, Lesutho, Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and the DRC to include: 
Platinum | Chrome | Lithium | Copper | Iron ore | Oil | Aviation Fuel and Gas
Blackstar-international HK Ltd will be opening in Hong Kong & Dubai very soon.

Anti-money laundering and compliance

We operate fully in line with International Banking Compliance & Anti Money Laundering regulation. Full transparency is expected from all our clients, from the mines to the showroom. Your documents are as important as the product we are buying or selling. All banks, lawyers and accountants will fully adhere to full DD inspection and all necessary paperwork will be provided by the sellers and buyers.

Source the supply

Our aim is to source the supply. We are growing into a major commodity company in our own right, and with our own financial resources, we can certainly compete with the biggest and best. Customer service is our focus: face-to-face with a good, old-fashioned handshake beats all. We prefer to operate with boots on the ground, with a straight-talking and no-nonsense approach to business.

For gold doré and precious stone trading, 
call William on +44(0)7527539062
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